Our profession


The Cellar

Today the cellar is housed in an ancient building which once again fulfils its original purpose. Modern tanks have replaced the 600 litre foudres. The cellar is the ideal place to welcome clients, as well as having separate rooms for the winery and bringing in the harvest.


Work in the vineyards

Advised by independent specialists, the vines are cared for using the ‘méthode raisonnée’- minimalist artificial intervention, with fertilization and spraying kept to a strict minimum. The vines are partially grassed to limit soil erosion from downpours on this steep slope.



We harvest mechanically to give us flexibility and speed in the face of varying weather. The grapes are pressed as quickly as possible after being picked to avoid any oxidation of the juice.

  • The whites: fermentation and maturation is carried out in thermo-regulated tanks to extract and then conserve the maximum amount of aromas. The wines are aged on fine lees for between 4 and 12 months.
  • The rosé: a pressed wine, vinified like the whites.
  • The reds: A relatively short alcoholic fermentation to limit the aggressive tannins, and to obtain a light and fruity wine; followed by a malolactic fermentation.

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